SAF head marking

For over 90 years Safety Socket has been a leading manufacturer of high-strength fasteners.  The company initially focused on serving the commercial markets, but by the late 1990s the company was also providing products for U.S. military manufacturers.  Based on its experience and reputation with those customers, the company achieved AS9100 status and began serving the aerospace market as well in the early 2000s.

With an extensive list of aerospace products and customers, Safety Socket joined the National Aerospace Standards Committee as a technical adviser.  In this capacity, Safety Socket has led the revision of existing part standards, written new ones, and actively worked on the development of zinc-nickel alternatives to cadmium for the industry.  In addition, Safety Socket’s president currently serves as the Chair of the International Fastener Institute’s Division II – Aerospace.

Because of that work and its efforts to ensure high-quality product in the supply chain, Safety Socket has also led in litigation to prevent sub-standard product making its way into American and foreign products.

In 2023, Safety Socket transitioned from a manufacturing and service company to a purely service one.  Today, Safety Socket remains active in the commercial, military and aerospace markets, consulting on product failures, standards origination and revision, zinc-nickel transitions from cadmium, and litigation to protect supply chain quality.  Let us know if we can be of help with your challenges!

site of fractures on different sockets
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